Free Stuff

To receive a free stock, click on this link to open a Robinhood account. I’ll get a free stock too. (I have a Robinhood account. I love its ease of use for buying and selling stocks and cryptocurrency.)

To book a cheap flight and earn rewards dollars through Skiplagged, click on this link. I’ll earn rewards dollars too. (I don’t always use Skiplagged to buy my airplane tickets, but I always check their prices before I buy. They’re usually cheap.)

To download the News Break app to your smartphone, click here. I’ll get some measure of financial compensation (News Break didn’t say how much) if you download through that link as opposed to your App Store.

To have your writing published on, click here. They’ll pay if you meet certain incentives for generating traffic. I’ll get $250 if your application is approved. (I know one journalist personally who uses NewsBreak as a freelance outlet. They published my article about the best music of 2020. That’s all I know about