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I have updated the awards section of this site to reflect … actually, who am I kidding. I created an awards section to reflect the fact that I won an award.

The Associated Press Sports Editors chose my story about the Los Angeles Dodgers trading A.J. Ellis to the Philadelphia Phillies as one of the 10 best Breaking News stories in the over-175,000 circulation category.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

I ran into a famous actor today. A legitimate, bona fide Celebrity known to almost anyone between the ages of 25 and 35. I was sitting along the wall at a Starbucks on Ventura Boulevard when he walked in with his wife and their preschool-aged son. They entered from the main entrance on my left. Three or four patrons sat directly across from me along another wall; the entrance was to their right. Their eyes quickly settled on on the actor and his family, and when the party of three sat down, everyone else in the room attempted to catch a glimpse.
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My Book



“If you were there, it helps you re-live the game. If you weren’t there it helps you feel the game.” – Nomar Garciaparra

“As I get older, it’s nice to look back at some of my best moments as a player, and some that came before my time. The memories fade, but the games live on in this wonderfully written book.” – Orel Hershiser

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Sports Writing

Fred Claire, former Dodgers GM, opens up about cancer diagnosis

(October 28, 2016, Southern California News Group)


Dodgers turn to Driveline to boost minor leaguers’ velocity

(August 15, 2016, Southern California News Group)

Behind Mike Piazza’s image, a complicated legacy in Los Angeles

(July 24, 2016, Southern California News Group)

Dodgers draft pick Devin Smeltzer overcame pediatric cancer

(June 13, 2016, Southern California News Group)

The Dodgers and Cuba: Past, Present and Future

(March 11, 2016, Los Angeles News Group)

Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke give Dodgers best 1-2 in baseball

(September 27, 2015, Los Angeles News Group)

Under new executive Andrew Friedman, Dodgers prepare for a brave new world

(October 16, 2014, Los Angeles News Group)

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig is growing up — on and off the field
(June 3, 2014, Los Angeles News Group)

From possible retirement to no-hitter: Why Josh Beckett’s recovery matters
(June 5, 2014, Los Angeles News Group)

Catching Albert Pujols’ 500th home run ball offered Angels fan a humbling experience
(May 23, 2014, Los Angeles News Group)

Man falsely accused in Dodger Stadium beating tells how it changed his life
(May 5, 2012, Los Angeles News Group)

Travel Writing

A visit to Portland, Oregon is like glamping in concrete tents
(Jan. 11, 2017, New York Daily News)

VIVA Viajes: New Orleans’ French Quarter has Spanish roots
(Sept. 8, 2016, New York Daily News)

Orange County, California offers much more than Disneyland and ‘Real Housewives’
(January 9, 2016, New York Daily News)

Beer and baseball traditions drive home the fun in Cincinnati
(June 21, 2015, New York Daily News)

Sydney, with its stunning beaches and vistas, is a city that is best seen from the out-of-doors
(Feb. 1, 2015, New York Daily News)

The catch in Ketchikan! Southeast Alaska is heaven on Earth for anglers
(Jan 4, 2015, New York Daily News)

The well-preserved city of Cusco in Peru is the perfect gateway to discovering Machu Picchu
(May 18, 2014, New York Daily News)


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